By taking into account the entire life cycle of a property or an industrial facility, we contribute to sustainable development. Caverion creates user-friendly, safe and energy-efficient built environments. Energy efficiency is embedded in all of our services and solutions. In addition, we strive to keep the negative environmental impacts of our own operations as minor as possible.

Ensuring the safety of our employees, partners and customers is an inherent and necessary part of everyday business and management across our group. Our goal is to become an accident-free workplace. We focus on preventive safety work, including anticipation of risks and the active reporting of safety observations.

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we do not allow discrimination of any kind, such as related to age, gender, nationality, social status, religion, physical or mental disability, political or other opinions or sexual orientation.

Caverion´s goal is to secure the talent availability, employee engagement and motivation as well as the professional growth and learning of our personnel.


Key figures in 2017
Personnel at year-end16,21616,91317,399
Personnel on average16,60717,38117,324
Fixed-term employees, %11129
Accident frequency rate15.76.38.2
Sick leave rate, %
CO2 emissions (tonnes) / revenue3, 41717.520.1
CO2 emissions, tonnes338,689.641,431,949,020.0
ISO 14001 certified operations, %4
OHSAS 18001 certified operations, %4919271
ISO 9001 certified operations, %499100100

1) LTIFR: The number of lost time injuries occurring in a workplace per one million man-hours worked. 
2) Hours of absence/total available hours, %
3)  Geothermal emission factors are restated and therefore 2016 and 2015 differ from earlier published figures 
4) Share of total revenue (EUR million)



Sustainability highlights 2017

Revised Code of Conduct guideline


Caverion Code of Conduct was revised in September 2017. Code of Conduct is our foundation – it set’s Caverion’s standard of ethical and sustainable business conduct. It guides our everyday work in every operating country.

The Code of Conduct e-learning was launched in November. By the end of year, 93% of us completed the Code of Conduct e-learning.

Energy efficiency projects ESCO

Photo: @ City of Vantaa

The City of Vantaa selected Caverion as its partner in cooperation for developing the energy efficiency of properties. The technical building systems are being modernised as part of the ESCO project. The measures are being financed through the savings gained from the modernization.

Caverion has implemented ESCO projects for Finnish municipalities in Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Turku, among others.

Billa Energy Efficiency Award 2017


The Competence Center Cooling Caverion Austria won the first prize in the Billa (part of REWE Group) Energy Efficiency Awards 2017.

The energy efficiency award, initiated by the retailing company Billa, reflects the quality of their work. Decisive for the prize are the reliability of the sites, the energy consumption, a low leakage rate and the susceptibility of the cooling systems to failure.

“Work Safety Champion” in Germany


Caverion Germany is this year’s winner of the DEKRA Award, a major work safety award of Germany’s biggest expert organization in the certification industry. An expert jury honored Caverion’s effort to reduce ladder accidents. In the past, several of the company’s technicians were badly injured after haven fallen from ladders.

The outcome was extremely positive: not one single ladder accident occurred in the succeeding year.

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